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Donna Yakaboski

Back in 2005, I read an article about all the beautiful attributes Alpacas offer, and thought it would be something my family and I would enjoy.  Alpacas are naturally curious and gentle animals and they provide fiber that is hypoallergenic, soft and luxurious. 

It has been such a rewarding experience caring for our alpacas throughout the years, where each one has their own unique personality. When I'm not out in the fields tending to our herd, I also work as an ICU nurse. Being an ICU nurse throughout the pandemic was very stressful, but coming home to the farm and these furry faces helped me get through it. 

Ashley Yakaboski

Growing up on my family's alpaca farm has been such a rewarding experience. I was in 6th grade when we moved to this 5acre hidden gem, where I always felt a sense of peace and tranquility around the animals. 

During the pandemic I left my NYC apartment and came back home to the farm. As a way to share some positive energy, I started sharing alpaca zoom sessions, which led to so much positive support. 

 Together my Mom and I are sharing Alpaca Smiles !

We are a 5acre hidden gem, nestled in Baiting Hollow. 

Our farm offers something a little different here on the North Fork, where we focus on connecting you with our animals and nature. We offer guided tours and different workshops here on the farm, where we hope you leave feeling relaxed and at ease. 

Our Herd




Black Diamond





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